CEDAR LAWN Charles Town, WV


Oh Cedar Lawn, I love thee well, With all thy trees and ?flowers;
For never can my heart forget  The home of childhood’s hours."

                             - Mary Washington, 1842

CEDAR LAWN Renovation

In the spring of 2010, Cedar Lawn was purchased by William Taylor Fithian, III, from Randy Funkhouser.  Taylor and Randy are cousins and grandsons of industrialist R. J. Funkhouser.   R. J. Funkhouser had five children, including daughter Avis [Taylor’s mother] and son Justin [Randy’s father]. Taylor bought Cedar Lawn with the purpose of restoring it to the majesty it once enjoyed when Randy's mother, Ruth Funkhouser, lived there raising her family and overseeing O'Sullivan Farms, a thoroughbred horse farm. Taylor Fithian is hopeful that Cedar Lawn will continue to be a valuable and important part of Jefferson County, West Virginia's history, both as an historical landmark and as a family home, just as it has been since the 1820's when John T. A. Washington, George Washington's nephew, built Cedar Lawn. 

                                                                                                Cedar Lawn is private residence and not open to the public.

Watch an exerpt from the documentary film,
"Cedar Lawn:  Homecoming"